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As stated in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada is a nation founded on principles that recognise the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law. However, the legally recognised rights and freedoms guaranteed by our constitution and the other laws of this land must often be asserted in order to be effective. I’m here to assist you in understanding, asserting and- when necessary- fighting for your rights and freedoms.

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My Commitments to You

Clear Advice

Understanding your rights, risks, and responsibilities is essential to sound decision-making. I’m committed to translating your legal issues into plain language so you can make the important decisions with confidence.

Results Focused

Not every problem is a legal problem, and many legal problems lend themselves to multiple solutions. I’m committed to understanding your priorities and goals, so together we can craft an approach that best suits your needs, budget, and risk tolerance.

Accessible Justice

The high cost of litigation and legal services is a barrier to justice for many low and even average income Albertans. I’m committed to helping you overcome these barriers wherever possible, including through limited scope retainers, “unbundled” legal services, and flat-rate billing.